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What we can offer

FinnCERES offers an innovative way for companies to develop new biomaterials-based products.

FinnCERES is a new innovative operating model. It combines universities, research institutes, and companies. The new collaboration will result in a new and internationally unique knowledge and understanding of biomaterials and their potential. FinnCERES brings researchers and companies together at the early stages of research. This ensures that research results are quickly available for product development by companies.

How to join

FinnCERES is intended for companies interested in biomaterials, but those interested in biomaterials research may also join.

By taking part in FinnCERES, companies receive front-row access to new and internationally unique research, the work of top experts, and research infrastructure from laboratories as well as large-scale pilot projects.

Co-create or Be in touch

There are two classes of membership: Co-create and Be in touch.

The Co-create membership is intended for companies who want tailored services and want to have firm ties with FinnCERES. Co-create membership costs 20,000 euros for large firms and 2,000 euros for small ones. The Be in touch membership is free. It is intended for those interested in biomaterials research.

For the Co-create membership, a contract is drawn up between the company and FinnCERES. The agreement is valid for one year at a time. FinnCERES Co-create members have access to special services exclusively intended for them. FinnCERES will also be involved in business-driven projects that can be confidential and funded by public money.

Memberships include

Be in touch Co-create
Annual public seminar X X
Members-only events X
Informative abstracts of on-going FinnCERES projects X
Early announcement of research progress X
Co-ideate and build new development avenues X

Join FinnCERES

Join FinnCERES by sending an email.

Interested? Would you like a FinnCERES’ Co-create business membership or a Be in touch membership? Please send an email to:

FinnCERES events

In addition to annual seminars on research results that are open to all, business members will be invited to exclusive events.

FinnCERES organizes annual seminars that are open to everyone. When applying for Be in touch membership, applicants will receive a seminar invitation. FinnCERES’s Co-create members will be invited to events that are exclusively organized for them and where they are given the opportunity to influence FinnCERES’s study areas and be briefed on their progress.


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